Improve Muscle Mass without Using Any Weights

Muscle Mass Health

Do you wonder how you can build muscle tone in a safe and inexpensive way? You may be surprised to learn that you can totally do this without needing to use any weights, as well as without any serious equipment.

Many people are interested in improving their strength in certain muscle groups and in general. It is not often the easiest thing to do. You will be pleased to learn that there are some rather simple and even fun methods of gaining muscle mass.

Body Weight

Individuals who do not have any weights at home or equipment that is readily available to them will benefit from conducting body weight routines.

Use your own natural means of resistance by doing specific exercises. All you need is yourself in order to do them, as you are working against your own body weight. This includes chin-ups and pushups. Though it can be a little boring to do many repetitions, they are perfect for getting to be more fit.

Descending Reps

Change up how many steps you do in your exercise as you go through it. This will help you not become bored or burnt out easily. In the instance of pushups, you can do a rep of 10, then 9, then 8, 7… I’m sure you get the picture. You will have a stronger endurance and have a sharp mind throughout the whole routine. Also, you will not have as much stress on your body towards the end.

Be Goofy

Yes, that’s right – it can be fun and rewarding to your physical health to get silly sometimes. You can take your children to the park and go on the jungle gym, haul yourself across balancing parts of the playground, and do the “bear crawl”. This is when you go onto all fours and pose your hips higher than your head, so that you are extending your muscles and working them to the full extent. You are sure to have a load of laughs.

Hoop Dance/Tricks

This activity may seem like one that is meant for children, but it is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is great for your core strength, as well as developing and improving muscular tone. You can even burn around 200 calories every half hour that you are hooping. Your abdominal muscles and biceps especially will get a workout. Try out some dance routines and tricks that you can learn from a friend, instructor, or by looking up videos.

Set up a truly amazing regimen of frequent activities, whether it is just one of these or several mixed up to keep things interesting.