Hula Hooping for Stress Relief

Hula Hooping for Stress Relief

Are you interested in hula hooping? You may think that it sounds odd, but hooping really can be an excellent way to pump up your workout routine. There are numerous mental and physical health benefits that you can experience when you make it a part of your daily (or even weekly) routine. You will enjoy what you are doing and want to share it with your friends and family members. This craze is sweeping across the world and picking up momentum every day, so if you are into joining groups, you will likely be able to find a workshop or jam near you.

Hula Hoop for Your Life

Go the extra mile and give something new a try when you pick up a hoop. You will absolutely experience improvement in several areas, including mental clarity, coordination, pain relief and much more. Hula hooping has been around in the mainstream for about 5 decades, though it has been around in some form or another for a couple thousand years. It has a long history for peoples from many cultures, including Hawaiian and Great Britain. It was not so popular for a while, and became an enjoyable activity again by a wide range of individuals in the last few years.

Weight Loss

You actually can hoop to lose some weight. The act of hooping makes it possible to burn about 200 calories each half hour that you do it. The great part about this is that you do not have to go to a gym, hoops are inexpensive, and you do not even have to do any specific tricks or a dance routine. As a bonus, it helps you to gain greater flexibility and dexterity (being able to use both sides of your brain more equally).

Relieving Stress Through Hooping

Do you have a great deal of stress? Then you can pick up a hula hoop and spin away some of those worries. It will alleviate much of your stress and make it possible to think more clearly.

You also can be more creative and experience more joy in general when you hoop. It improves a person’s body-mind connection and lets you feel as though you are a kid again. There is nothing much better than this when it comes to health and fitness. You are sure to see improvement in pain relief, even if you have a chronic illness or other type of medical condition.