Coffee and How It Fights Inflammation

Coffee to fight inflammation

Have you ever thought about the health benefits associated with drinking coffee? You may think of it just a way to get a jolt of energy in the morning, or as a pick-me-up beverage in the late afternoon, but there really is more to it than that.

There is evidence to believe that drinking coffee can help older individuals fight age-related inflammation. You may be asking, how so? A study at Stanford University, led by professor of immunology and microbiology Mark Davis, shows that having a few cups of Java each day can significantly help people who are experiencing inflammation. Though there were only 100 individuals who participated in this study, it builds off of previous studies that indicate that individuals who drink coffee tend to live longer than those who do not.

Stanford Study on Caffeine

The family and medical history of these 100 individuals, as well as their blood samples, were analyzed and it was determined that the older participants had a higher level of the IL-1-beta inflammatory protein compared to those who were younger. In those older adults who consumed a greater amount of caffeine, there was a lower activation of the genes that encode this protein.

The researchers placed immune cells into lab dishes, along with compounds which will normally trigger inflammation. There was a connection between caffeine consumption and the appearance of inflammation, showing that the caffeine likely prevents the compounds from causing any inflammation in the cells. In turn, this is correlated with lower blood pressure.

This is good news, since it appears that when this protein is not activated there is less of a chance of the individual experiencing high blood pressure, stiff arteries, and various other cardiovascular issues.

As if you needed another reason to pick up a hot cup of your favorite brewed drink!