Muscle Mass Health

Do you wonder how you can build muscle tone in a safe and inexpensive way? You may be surprised to learn that you can totally do this without needing to use any weights, as well as without any serious equipment.

Many people are interested in improving their strength in certain muscle groups and in general. It is not often the easiest thing to do. You will be pleased to learn that there are some rather simple and even fun methods of gaining muscle mass.

Body Weight

Individuals who do not have any weights at home or equipment that is readily available to them will benefit from conducting body weight routines.

Use your own natural means of resistance by doing specific exercises. All you need is yourself in order to do them, as you are working against your own body weight. This includes chin-ups and pushups. Though it can be a little boring to do many repetitions, they are perfect for getting to be more fit.

Descending Reps

Change up how many steps you do in your exercise as you go through it. This will help you not become bored or burnt out easily. In the instance of pushups, you can do a rep of 10, then 9, then 8, 7… I’m sure you get the picture. You will have a stronger endurance and have a sharp mind throughout the whole routine. Also, you will not have as much stress on your body towards the end.

Be Goofy

Yes, that’s right – it can be fun and rewarding to your physical health to get silly sometimes. You can take your children to the park and go on the jungle gym, haul yourself across balancing parts of the playground, and do the “bear crawl”. This is when you go onto all fours and pose your hips higher than your head, so that you are extending your muscles and working them to the full extent. You are sure to have a load of laughs.

Hoop Dance/Tricks

This activity may seem like one that is meant for children, but it is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is great for your core strength, as well as developing and improving muscular tone. You can even burn around 200 calories every half hour that you are hooping. Your abdominal muscles and biceps especially will get a workout. Try out some dance routines and tricks that you can learn from a friend, instructor, or by looking up videos.

Set up a truly amazing regimen of frequent activities, whether it is just one of these or several mixed up to keep things interesting.

Essential Oils and Health

Are you someone who experiences frequent headaches? Or, do you have some other ailment that may not require prescription medication? It may be foreign to you, the idea that something simple that comes from nature can provide such a benefit to your health in specific circumstances, as well as in general. This is completely the case when it comes to essential oils.

Whether you have some basic knowledge of essential oils or you have never heard of them before, read on to learn what they can do for you.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is an excellent oil that will provide someone great stress relief. It is especially effective at preventing and alleviating headaches. It also helps with oily skin, anxiety, earache, and bruises, among other things. If you want to inhale it, place about three drops into two cups of water. It is not meant to be drank at all. You also can rub a couple of drops onto your temples, and you do not even have to dilute it.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can be extremely soothing and offer relief for tension headaches. This is due to the fact that it has dilating and vaso-constricting properties which help to control one’s blood flow throughout the body. Place it onto your wrists, or on the back of your neck to experience an easing of your headache and stress relief.

Basil Oil

This type of oil makes for a great muscle relaxant. You can apply it directly to your skin in order to relax your body and stop a headache.


Sandalwood is excellent for relieving stress and the symptoms of depression. It is also ideal as a sleep enhancer. It is said to be good for sensitive skin, improving female endocrine and reproductive health, bronchitis, urinary tract infections and several other areas.


Frankincense is a woody smelling oil that provides benefits when it comes to anxiety, headaches, depression, the immune system, asthma, and scars. There also are a number of other areas that frankincense helps with.


Cedarwood has a rather sharp and woody scent to it. It is ideal for use in treating hair loss, cystitis, anxiety, skin issues such as acne and dermatitis, stress and several other health issues. It also is a great means of repelling insects.

Be sure to do your research and give some different things a try to see what works best for your specific needs.

Guest post by DoctorHero.

It’s no secret that the medium of print advertising has seen its better days behind it. This includes both the Yellow Pages and direct mailers sent to prospective patients’ homes. This is not to say that these mediums are completely ineffective, but that if we are to ensure long-term success in the increasingly competitive dental market that exists today, then it is critical to keep with the times – and that means several things for your practice – a website, an internet marketing campaign, online reviews, a directory listing, and a social media campaign.


The first step in initiating an online dental practice marketing strategy is having a website. A website is like having a brick & mortar store in the online sphere. It’s difficult for a prospective patient – especially younger demographics – to take your practice seriously if you don’t have a “home” on the web. A website is an important source of information for someone considering visiting your dental office. A website is a dentist’s way of building rapport with a patient before she visits the office. Pictures, testimonials, services offered, and a map are the bare essentials when it comes to a patient finding a dentist online.

Internet Marketing

Unfortunately building a beautiful website is not enough, an effective internet marketing strategy should be considered to ensure that your website (think your practice) ranks on the first page of Google. Having your website on the first page of Google is akin to your practice being located at the corner of the busiest intersection in town where everyone can see it.

To illustrate the importance of being on page 1 of Google, let’s take a look at a 2010 study by Chitka, an advertising network and research firm. After analyzing data from the Chitka network, they concluded that the #1 spot in Google obtained 34.35% of search engine traffic and all results on the first page received approximately 94% of the traffic. Other studies conducted by MSN (now Bing) and AOL indicate even a higher click through rate for the first spot – a whopping 42%.

Online Reviews

People like being reassured that someone has “tested” your office, so to speak. Patients trust other patients’ input. This is their way of ensuring that they don’t have a bad experience. This is quite similar to buying an item off of Ebay. You don’t purchase from someone who has no feedback as you regard them as “untrustworthy”. If you don’t have reviews of your practice, ask your patients to submit a review and add it to your website or have them go to your directory listing where they can add their review. If you don’t have a directory listing, then go ahead and list your practice in prominent directories.

Social Media

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are all changing how their search engines operate to keep up with the ever changing internet landscape. Their latest search engine algorithm updates entail placing an emphasis on social media. If your dental marketing strategy does not entail social media, then you need to implement it immediately. Search engines look to see what social media platforms your office is involved in and how active you are. If you aren’t setup with Facebook, Twitter, and now Google +, that’s ok because it is not very difficult to manage once you’ve set them up.

Final Words

The important thing to remember here is that this process doesn’t happen overnight, but the sooner you begin to implement these strategies, the sooner your website (your practice) will begin showing up on the first page of Google and other search engines. Take control of your dental marketing strategy today!

Hula Hooping for Stress Relief

Are you interested in hula hooping? You may think that it sounds odd, but hooping really can be an excellent way to pump up your workout routine. There are numerous mental and physical health benefits that you can experience when you make it a part of your daily (or even weekly) routine. You will enjoy what you are doing and want to share it with your friends and family members. This craze is sweeping across the world and picking up momentum every day, so if you are into joining groups, you will likely be able to find a workshop or jam near you.

Hula Hoop for Your Life

Go the extra mile and give something new a try when you pick up a hoop. You will absolutely experience improvement in several areas, including mental clarity, coordination, pain relief and much more. Hula hooping has been around in the mainstream for about 5 decades, though it has been around in some form or another for a couple thousand years. It has a long history for peoples from many cultures, including Hawaiian and Great Britain. It was not so popular for a while, and became an enjoyable activity again by a wide range of individuals in the last few years.

Weight Loss

You actually can hoop to lose some weight. The act of hooping makes it possible to burn about 200 calories each half hour that you do it. The great part about this is that you do not have to go to a gym, hoops are inexpensive, and you do not even have to do any specific tricks or a dance routine. As a bonus, it helps you to gain greater flexibility and dexterity (being able to use both sides of your brain more equally).

Relieving Stress Through Hooping

Do you have a great deal of stress? Then you can pick up a hula hoop and spin away some of those worries. It will alleviate much of your stress and make it possible to think more clearly.

You also can be more creative and experience more joy in general when you hoop. It improves a person’s body-mind connection and lets you feel as though you are a kid again. There is nothing much better than this when it comes to health and fitness. You are sure to see improvement in pain relief, even if you have a chronic illness or other type of medical condition.

Valentine's Day

Do you wish to avoid chocolate, candy, and some rather “junky” foods on Valentine’s Day this year? If so, you will want to do your homework and find out just how you can create a healthy dinner for your loved one(s), as well as treats that they will enjoy.

Dark Chocolate Fondue

Find the purest chocolate possible. The ones that have a higher percentage of cacao will be the best for you. Dark chocolate is actually said to be good for one’s heart, so you can imagine it is ideal for eating with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse on Valentine’s Day. Put out a spread of fruits, homemade cookies and even cheese to dip into the fondue for a fun and unique experience at home.

Hearty Veggie Soups and Stew

Cook a soup or stew that is filled with flavorful veggies. It is a great comfort food to share with your sweetheart on a chilly winter’s evening. Serve it as lunch or an appetizer before you have dinner.

Homemade Cookies

Yes, cookies can be fairly healthy when done right. Think about the ways you can cut those saturated fats, such as using olive oil and holding off on butter as much as you possibly can. This way, it will be better for your heart. For something to bind the dry ingredients, use a fruit puree or mostly egg whites. Also, start from scratch by using unrefined flour or oats, and sweeten with agave or applesauce. Don’t forget the dark chocolate if you absolutely feel that you need to include something extra sweet! Dried berries and raisins are great additions.

Spaghetti Squash

If you want to cook an Italian meal, it is a good idea to substitute spaghetti squash for the traditional pasta. Try out a few different options, including rice or corn-based pasta. If you really want to stick with wheat pasta, you may want to choose something that is made with vegetables right in the pasta. Or, load up your dish with peppers, onions, garlic, and even chopped-up carrots.

Broil, Grill, or Bake

There are many meats that can be optimal for a healthy Valentine’s Day dinner. Consider how you cook them – the methods that are best are baking, grilling, and broiling. This way, you can avoid the oils and keep in more flavor. Try filet mignon, skinless chicken breast, or seafood.

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or just want to make this holiday a bit easier on your system, these ideas can get you going in the right direction. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Coffee to fight inflammation

Have you ever thought about the health benefits associated with drinking coffee? You may think of it just a way to get a jolt of energy in the morning, or as a pick-me-up beverage in the late afternoon, but there really is more to it than that.

There is evidence to believe that drinking coffee can help older individuals fight age-related inflammation. You may be asking, how so? A study at Stanford University, led by professor of immunology and microbiology Mark Davis, shows that having a few cups of Java each day can significantly help people who are experiencing inflammation. Though there were only 100 individuals who participated in this study, it builds off of previous studies that indicate that individuals who drink coffee tend to live longer than those who do not.

Stanford Study on Caffeine

The family and medical history of these 100 individuals, as well as their blood samples, were analyzed and it was determined that the older participants had a higher level of the IL-1-beta inflammatory protein compared to those who were younger. In those older adults who consumed a greater amount of caffeine, there was a lower activation of the genes that encode this protein.

The researchers placed immune cells into lab dishes, along with compounds which will normally trigger inflammation. There was a connection between caffeine consumption and the appearance of inflammation, showing that the caffeine likely prevents the compounds from causing any inflammation in the cells. In turn, this is correlated with lower blood pressure.

This is good news, since it appears that when this protein is not activated there is less of a chance of the individual experiencing high blood pressure, stiff arteries, and various other cardiovascular issues.

As if you needed another reason to pick up a hot cup of your favorite brewed drink!